Pantry Pests and the Problems They Cause

The last thing anyone wants to see when opening the pantry for a snack is a pest. Nothing can ruin your appetite more than seeing critters in your cereal. Merchant Grain Beetles and Indian Meal Moths are common bugs that are attracted to grains, dry cereals, spices and chocolate. Many of these ingredients are found in the common pantry or cupboard, especially as the holidays approach. These pests breed quickly and can cause an unforeseen infestation.

As we have stated before, when it comes to pests, prevention is the best way to keep from having to deal with these invaders. For example, the Merchant Grain Beetle can be found all over the United States year round anywhere there is food stroage. That includes anywhere from household pantries to warehouses where food may be stored. “Grain” may be in their name but they are more likely to be found munching on cereals, cake mixes, macaroni, cookies and chocolate, as well as grains. These sly pests have a small, slender bodies that have six saw-like blades on either side that allows them to penetrate even the smallest opening in a package, where they will quickly make themselves at home, eating and reproducing. How do you keep them out? Simply adding a Bay Leaf to packages and containers will repel these beetles.

The Meal Moth is also found throughout the country, year round in common food storage areas. Like other species of moth, they are first attracted to light. They prefer to feed on dried fruits and vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, chocolate, candies, pet food and powdered milk. Like the Merchant Grain Beetles, after they have invaded your food container or packaging the items are no longer useful, costing you money, and a grocery run! To keep these moths out be sure to use hard plastic, plastic zip bags or glass containers with a tight seal.

Sometimes it can be too late for prevention. If you find these pests or other like them in your pantry, cabinets or cupboards, be sure to give us a call! 877-DEAD-BUG.

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