Black Diamond 2018 Kick Off Bash!

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays January can seem slow and daunting. Not here at Black Diamond! We know that spring is right around the corner and we need to be ready to tackle our community’s pest problems. Our CEO, Keith Duncan Jr., not only wanted to hype everyone up for 2018, he also wanted to show his appreciation to all of Black Diamond’s wonderful employees. And I think it is safe to say…message received! What better way to start off the new year than with a party!

The event was held at a well-known local venue, Kye’s, in Jeffersonville. Our experience with Kye’s has always been great! They really know how to roll out the red carpet for their guests…literally! Guests were greeted with a big smile at the front door followed by having their picture taken on the red carpet by local photographer Jessica Porter. After grabbing a drink and finding a table, Brent Rogers, of Sounds Unlimited Productions, got on the microphone to welcome and thank everyone for attending, and also to prepare ourselves for a very fun evening (we’d been warned!).

After a delicious meal catered by Stumler’s, Junior had some very kind words of thanks for two of our employees that will be retiring this year, Nancy McCoy and Eslia Gregory. Nancy has been with Black Diamond since 1999 in our accounts receivable department. Eslia joined the Black Diamond team in 2008 and has been out in the field doing what we do best, eradicating insects! Both have played very important roles in the success of the company and we thank them so much for their years of service!

A handful of Black Diamond employees were invited to the dance floor where two tables had been set up. It was time…for Family Feud! Team Black and Team Diamond went head to head in three rounds of questions, in this case all answers came from polled BD employees. And let me tell you, the answers were hilarious. The final question was one that is very important to our CEO. Who is the most “Pro Black Diamond” employee. Being a Pro Black Diamond employee doesn’t mean you are the most experienced or put in the most hours. It means that you are obviously proud to work for Black Diamond, on or off the clock. You represent the company by doing and being your best in every aspect of your life and have a positive attitude that becomes contagious to your fellow employees. So who was the number one name on the board? Our very own tactical K9 agent Paula Lomax! Paula not only got the number one spot, she also got an all expenses paid vacation to the location of her choosing! Congrats Paula and enjoy that time off, you’ve earned it!

The rest of the night was filled with drinks, dancing and plenty of laughter. It was an incredible way to begin a fresh, new year and I think everyone came to work Monday with a little more pep in their step. Thank you so much to all of the vendors, our franchisees for traveling long distances to attend, the Duncan family, and everyone who helped make the 2018 Kick Off Bash a success!

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